A Shroom a Day Takes Your Passport Away


Last year, he confiscated Christmas but this year, Boris has diverted his attention to the passports and driving licences of his colleagues. Oh um, sorry, we meant, ‘middle-class drug users’.

Boris Johnson has announced a ten-year plan to tackle drug gangs and users. Those caught with class A drugs risk losing their passport or driving license and could face a hefty fine. Johnson stated that the plan will act as a “deterrent for well-off professionals who peddle coke at swanky clubs and dinner parties''. Class A drugs, swanky clubs and dinner parties? Where was our invite?!

We know what you’re all thinking, if Bojo really wants to knuckle down on middle-class drug users, shouldn’t he be looking a little closer to home? Well, obviously all the traces of cocaine found in multiple bathrooms in the Palace of Westminster don’t count. Duh. And what about our prime minister's very own experience in playing in a bit of snow? Don’t worry Boris, we won’t take your passport away, just go sit on the naughty step with your fellow MPs.

All jokes aside, there is a deeper issue here and punishment is simply not the solution. Black-British actor, public speaker and director Kelechi Okafor went to Twitter stating: “Drug abuse is a public health issue, not a criminal issue”. Should we not be offering rehab and help to those with addiction rather than snatching their right to travel or drive? Sure, they may not be able to leave the country but they can still take drugs.


Image via @clementinesphotos