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      12 products

      Invivo is a healthcare company specialising in the multiple human microbiomes. They produce host-microbiome-centred therapeutic nutraceuticals and supplements aimed at restoring human ecology through ethical bioscience applications. Invivo are also on a mission to inspire positive and sustainable change to the future of healthcare and to respect the biological complexity inherent in all ecosystems;

      "We are ripe for a paradigm shift in health, and in society. One in which we consider the planet and all its many human and non-human inhabitants as stakeholders. The planet is a finite resource. We must nourish it, as we nourish ourselves" (Invivo).

      "Restoring human health and ecology is ingrained in the way we think, process and act. We urge you consider the global picture as you do your inner microcosm of microbial life. Look after it, and it will look after you" (Invivo).