All Things Fixed Through the Eyes of Leo

Under the Tuscan Sun…

Many of us have heard this expression before, but to experience it is something different. It’s almost too much, its light, heat and magnetism. To be doing Leo season here is poignant to say the least. It’s an energy that is hard to ignore, just like its home sign of Leo.

We all know a Leo, probably have one or two very important Leos in our lives. They are hard, almost impossible to ignore, because they shine. Whether their shine is healthy or not is a different story, but they shine nonetheless, and for the most part it's glorious.

I’ve been reflecting on the significant Leos I have in my own life. Or the people with very significant Leo placements, which brings us to the crux of this…

The New Moon in Leo on the 8th of August.

Leo Moons have a very different flavour to that of a Leo Sun. The Moon in Astrology is our heart. It’s our emotional centre, capacity, how we intuit and perceive. Leo Moons are a softer side of their sun counterparts, they love fiercely, are loyal to a fault and have some of the biggest hearts I know. They also show a humility that we may find some Leo Suns lack. A Leo moon is not the Lion in a pride, but the lioness. A lioness embodies Leo Moon energy to its fullest - graceful, resilient, powerful, brave, a protector and provider for many under her care.

The past couple of days in Tuscany the sun has shone fiercely, however at night the sky has been visibly missing the moon. The stars have been providing the light and magic, but I’ve been looking forward to her rising in this fiery fixed fire sign. 

Every year in the eight month of August, on the 8th day, there is an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky). Sirius means glowing in Greek and is our spiritual sun. Just as Leo (in astrology) embodies our physical sun. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s belt will align with the Pyramids of Giza, which over the thousands and thousands of years has signified the Nile flooding and watering the lands of Egypt and beyond. This has always been historically significant, as this auspicious time would mark an abundant harvest and for the literal fruits of labour to be realised.  To have the Sun (in Leo), Sirius, and Orions belt in alignment with the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza, is a gateway of intense energy and activation as the Earth is aligned with the Universe. Adding further is the symbolism of the number 8 (twice) as 8 represents infinity, our connection to source, higher consciousness and the ability to connect to ethereal pathways.

Furthermore, Leo as the natural ruler of the 5th house, which is the house of self expression, creativity, identity, joyous play and children, this is our chance to activate our inner child. To tap into this divine energy, orchestrated by elements beyond human control, feels celestially scripted. Add the New Moon in Leo to the mix, and I hope you get some idea of how powerful this time is.

Planetary Bodies

However, before we get ahead of ourselves, we must note the other planetary bodies in the sky and the aspects they are making to this Leo Sun and New Moon. As much as there is abundant light energy to make use of, as well as an invitation to connect your own earthly sun/ego with a spiritual one, there are also intense oppositions and a dicey fixed sign T square to contend with.

Let me break it down for you - Leo’s opposite sign Aquarius has retrograded back into Jupiter and is retrograde in Saturn, the two biggest planets in the sky and the maverick planet Uranus is in Taurus (and has been for a while.)

The planets involved in the T square are Saturn (in Aquarius), the Sun (in Leo) and Uranus (in Taurus). This trifecta of energy is repressive, exciting and electric all in one. A multitude of contradictions. A T Square is when two planets are about 180 degrees apart (opposition aspect), with a third planet 90 degrees (square aspect) from those first two. The opposition is formed between the axis of Leo and Aquarius, which are both operating at high strength as they are with  planets they are comfortable in. The Leo and Aquarius aspect almost always brings up themes of self expression and individuation between the self and the greater community. As Leo usually expresses through a lens of me first, the rest of humanity after, whereas Aquarius expresses through its own ideation with the collective in mind. Leo rules the heart and Aquarius rules our electric higher mind. Will Leo win through its heart led pride, or will Aquarius through its community conscious ego?

It doesn’t end there, add Uranian energy to this battle of wills, and we have a melting pot of pride between three of the four fixed signs. Adding to this is the very tight square aspect being formed between the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Taurus (just over 1 degree.) Leo’s creativity and expression ironically has an Aquarian flavour, as Uranus is the natural ruler of Aquarius. There will be no lion’s roar without some form of Aquarian rebellion or unconventionality or uniqueness. So to all my Leo dominant, Aquarian dominant and Taurus dominant beings, keep an eye out for this activation in your own personal chart. Notice which planets you have in these signs, and what houses these planets fall into. And for the beings who do not have any personal planets in these signs, note which houses are rules by these fixed signs, as these areas of your life will be awakened during this time. 

Let’s finally get back to the Leo Moon, as the New Moon in Leo will make a loose opposition to Saturn in Aquarius and a tight(ish) square to Uranus in Taurus. Again flavouring the might and power of this Leo moon with Saturnic rules and requirements, as well as Uranus eccentricity. This Leo Moon can’t shine with all its light, as it has to be mindful of the messages it is receiving and contending with from the other signs.

Astrology and the movements of the planets is never black and white. That’s why any New Moon is never just a solo performance (as much as Leos may want it to be.)

On that note, remember we don’t all feel shiny all the time, or want to shine, or have things in our life that feel light at the moment. If you feel like going into hermit mode during this time, and having lots of salt baths and listening to podcasts, please do! With so much fixed sign energy (remember they are the most stubborn of the zodiac and inflexible), allow yourself movement and duality or solace and peace if that’s what you desire…

To all my fellow earth beings, shine (or don’t) on.

Natasha Thompson

Astrologer |

 Image @vsco