Can CBD Help My ADHD?

With me, my mum, dad, brother and even the bloody dogs all using some sort of CBD based product, it got me thinking about the other magical properties this green leafed super plant has. 

Mother like daughter, father like son - we all have been blessed with varying levels of ADHD. From diagnosed and medicated, to un-diagnosed and just making it through; whether CBD and ADHD go hand in hand has always been a discussion point at my family’s dinner table.  

You can get a real feel for what ADHD actually is by just reading the full scientific name. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder comprises of a multitude of symptoms which differ in age and in gender, therefore identifying and securing a diagnoses is often quite tricky. With the obvious adult symptoms being lack of attention to detail, poor organisational skills, mood swings and interrupting others while they are talking…the list is endless. 

With CBD and it’s positive effects of balancing energy levels, taking the edge of hyperactivity and boosting focus; you can see exactly why people with ADHD are drawn to this product, it seems to have everything we lack! 

Let me walk you through the science behind this 

After consuming CBD, endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the body reacts in several ways. The compounds engages with two receptors: CB1 which is drawn to the brain, centring itself on responses and mood; secondly CB2 is attracted to the immune system and nervous system with its focus on inflammation. Studies have also shown that CBD interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain that regulate anxiety, who wouldn’t want a bit of that action?  

Look, I am not a doctor or a scientist, but speaking personally, searching for natural solutions to help manage some of those pesky ADHD symptoms has been always a good starting point for me. From altering my diet and avoiding processed food high in saturated fats and additives, to taking Omega 3 and zinc supplements to help with cognitive function and hyperactivity. Oh, and don’t forget meditation and breathwork - essential. CBD is just one of many natural products that can help mitigate some of the anxiety and restlessness. ADHD is a serious condition and is traditionally managed through medication or counselling, however I am not a trained doctor so please speak with yours before you introduce anything new to your lifestyle. 

The evidence, or lack there of

CBD and ADHD are in the early stages of their relationship. There isn’t a whole heap of studies and evidence to help support it as a viable natural resource to help manage ADHD symptoms.

That said, the future is bright - recent studies into CBD as a potential treatment for anxiety and depressive disorders have shown some promising results. Positive outcomes and reactions to these trials suggest that CBD can help manage ADHD symptoms. Statically six out of ten ADHD sufferers have at least one other mental, emotional or behavioural disorder. So it’s safe to presume that if we ADHD-ers suffer with low mood, anxiety or depressive episodes; in the near future, there could be a space to explore CBD as an longterm treatment option. 

A recent self-reported study looked at cannabis use in participants. Researchers found that individuals were more likely to report hyperactivity or impulsiveness when they were not taking cannabis -

With a growing demand to study all facets of cannabis and it’s health benefits, hopefully we will start to see large scale clinical trials to help establish CBD therapy. Here at lady-high we are at the edge of our seats to see what the future holds, not just within cannabis research related to mental health but also psychedelics. Groundbreaking, haven’t you heard?. Watch this space. 


If you are considering trying CBD whether you have ADHD or not, always check that the product has less than 0.2% of THC in it. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that creates the ‘I’m high as f*ck” sensation and more crucially to note, it is illegal here in the UK. (Hopefully, not for long).  Don’t worry, all of our products are legal. Try to always go for a full or broad spectrum oil. 

lady-high suggests...

If you want to add in some CBD to your routine in the morning, throughout the day, in your tea, maybe even your pancakes - here are some good ones to start with: 

Gaia Guru's Focus CBD Drops - £34.99
This Gaia Guru CBD Oil, is perfect for when your focus and memory is faltering. This 10ml tincture has 500mg of full spectrum CBD mixed with calming terpenes (essential plant oils), to offer a gently stimulating and focus sharpening synergy.


Mantle's Original Oil - £73
10% pure, organic broad-spectrum hemp extract (CBD) and organic MCT (coconut) oil for an easy and fast absorption.


Turmeric CBD oil- £77

An award-winning oil with 1000 mg of broad spectrum CBD combined with organically extracted turmeric oil. A stronger oil for those looking to increase dosing. 


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