How to Dose CBD

We get it – it’s a CBD minefield out there. All these grams and percentages! Where does one even begin.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an active component derived from the hemp plant, part of the Cannabis family. CBD cannot get you high. All CBD sold on lady-high is hemp-derived and is completely non-psychoactive. If you'd like to learn more about CBD and hemp, read our article here

Everyone is different, but as a starting guide, ask yourself: what you are taking CBD for? A chronic issue, specific symptom or for general wellness? Do you plan on taking it daily (in which case you don’t have to take such a high dose) or are you taking it if and when a particular issue arises (you’ll want to increase your dose if you take it intermittently). Also ask – would your concern be best aided by a topical CBD salve or balm, an edible, a tincture, vaping, or a suppository?

Here is a quick guide:


We’ve categorised our tinctures in a three strength brackets: strong, medium, and low. Regardless of strength, it all comes down to how you dose it.

Take into account your weight, the heavier you are the more you could take. The lighter you are, the less you should start with. Take 5-10 grams per 10kg per day at the very most. When you increase or decrease your dose try and do it by 5-10mg each time. We’d recommend starting low and building up. We advise all our lady-high customers to read product specific dosing on the brands you buy.  

For general wellness we would suggest starting with a low or medium CBD tincture and adjust you drops accordingly. Starting with a 1-2 drops under your tongue, three times a day. Work your way up to 5-10 drops if you feel you need it. 

For a specific issue that isn’t chronic go for a strong to medium CBD tincture. We would suggest starting with a 2-3 drops under your tongue up to three times a day. Work your way up if you feel you need it.  Or take half a dropper or more if you are taking it intermittently.

For chronic conditions definitely go for a strong CBD tincture. We would suggest starting with a 2-3 drops under your tongue up to three times a day, increasing as you need it.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to CBD – always ask yourself why you are taking anything, listen to your body and adjust as necessary.

Onset is around 15-30 minutes. Administering CBD sublingually (under the tongue) lasts for around 4-5 hours

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These are great for anything from skincare to muscle recovery. We love balms, salves and rubs and find them highly effective for relaxing, skin issues (of all sorts), cramps, and focus. The onset is usually around 15 minutes. If you want something more long-lasting and discreet, we’d go for a CBD patch that stays on for up to 24 hours. Do not underestimate the power of transdermal absorption. 

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These are pre-dosed in capsules for you – I suggest reading the instructions on each and following the instructions on each bottle as a guide. Great for general wellness and daily use. Onset is between 45- 75 minutes after taking.

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Onset is quick and lasts up to 45 minutes. Start slow and do not exceed recommended dosage.

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Onset can be up to an hour. Enjoy these, but again, but do not exceed recommended dosage.

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Great for pleasure and the relief of moon-cycle pains. You can get suppositories or even CBD lube. High absorption, very localised and fast acting. If you are looking for help on specific issues relevant to your cycle check out: CBD & Our Cycle.

CBD is undergoing numerous research studies and clinical trials due to a myriad of health benefit claims. CBD can be used for chronic issues or even just for wellbeing. It is important that you consult a healthcare practitioner if you are changing your diet or adding any health supplements to your regime. CBD is not for pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

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