Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide - 2022

You know those people who respond to ‘does anyone else feel super off at the moment?’ with ‘yeah, it’s because of mercury retrograde, duh’? That’s me. I am absolutely, one hundred per cent, no doubt about it, one of those people. The funny thing is, I’m not even that into astrology. I think I just like the idea of blaming my bad days on a rotating rock in space. So yes, I regularly check and find peace in knowing I’m not crazy and my life is simply falling apart because Mercury insists that it must. 

In all seriousness, what does Mercury being in retrograde actually mean? Essentially, it’s an optical illusion caused by Mercury briefly overtaking Earth in its orbit around the Sun. When this happens, Mercury appears to go backwards…but it doesn’t. So, why does this matter? In astrology, Mercury rules communication, relationships and expression so when the planet itself looks like it’s going backwards, our lives start to feel backwards too. During this time, elements of Mercury, like communication, go inwards instead of reflecting externally. But, no need to panic. Yes, things may feel a little off but the best thing to do is take it easy. Take the time to relax, meditate and if you’re thinking of dumping your boyfriend just wait until it’s over to make your decision (unless he’s an utter prick). 

When is it happening? 

Jan 14 - Feb 3, the first retrograde starts in Aquarius on Jan 14. The post-retrograde shadow ends Feb 23. 

May 10 - Jun 3, the pre-retrograde shadow begins Apr 25 and the post-retrograde shadow ends Jun 18.

Sep 9 - Oct 2, the pre-retrograde shadow begins August 22 and the post-retrograde shadow ends October 16.

Dec 29 - Jan 18, the pre-retrograde shadow begins December 12 and the post-retrograde shadow ends February 23, 2023.