The Hemp Industry has an Inclusivity Issue


We spent, days and weeks, nay months researching the very best brands selling CBD in the UK, Europe and World. It became very clear to us that the CBD Industry has an inclusivity issue. 

As two half-asian women, we were keen to work with like-minded women and minority owned brands. Thankfully, through research and tenacity we are proudly able to say that more than 70% of our brands are either owned/half-owned by women. However, only one of our brands is black or minority owned. 

This is not good enough - we are constantly striving to find equality in the space we work. 

We fully support the Cannaclusive mission to bring inclusivity into the cannabis space.  Actively using their Inclusivebase to search for brands that are aligned with our values - we need to spread this message.

If you are a minority owned CBD or holistic medicine brand - please reach out to us at and get yourself on the Inclusivebase