CBD Suppository (50mg)
CBD Suppository (50mg)

CBD Suppository (50mg)

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Kiskanu Cannabis Suppositories are made with three simple ingredients: coconut oil, calendula and cannabis. Simple and direct, we have found this formula to be most effective. There are more blood vessels in your pelvic region than most places in your body. Each suppository has an impressive 50mg of CBD. 

This means your rectum or vagina (if you have one) is an ideal place to absorb beneficial cannabinoids into your bloodstream. You may feel a difference in your disposition when using our suppositories; you’ll find yourself calmer, relaxed, and at ease.

  • Optimal place for CBD absorption to help with localised issues 
  • Fast acting and quickly absorbed
  • Potentially helpful for inflammation, menopausal discomfort, vaginal dryness, period aches, bowel discomfort, pelvic discomfort, bowel discomfort, lower back and hip discomfort, soothing irritated tissue, muscle spasms, etc.

We suggest inserting CBD Suppositories 1 inch into the vagina or rectum for localized pain relief (hip or low back pain, endometriosis relief, etc), targeted cell healing, vaginal dryness, inflammation, etc. See instruction visual.

May be used vaginally or rectally. 

Each pack has 4 suppositories.

Virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, USA grown hemp CBD, calendula.

All ingredients are organic when available.

GMO-free. Pesticide and Heavy Metal free. Organic. Ethically Sourced. Not animal tested. Lab-tested - contact us directly for lab reports

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