Matcha Refill

Matcha Refill

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 40g & 100g matcha refills are sent in airtight pouches straight through your letterbox.

Jenki Matcha is 100% pure, shade-grown, stone-ground green tea leaves sourced from a family run farm in the foothills of Uji, Japan. An excellent way to get your morning kick.

Once you’ve tried it, and felt it, it’s hard to stay off the stuff, Jenki matcha refills offers a more eco-friendly way of topping you up with the green stuff and we’ll thank you for it by giving it to you for less.

One teaspoon has more caffeine than a shot of espresso!

  • rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, and amino acids
  • an excellent, natural source of L-Theanine, which promotes serene focus and prevents jitters and a caffeine crash.

Replace your morning coffee, add it to your smoothies or juices, even bake with it to get your matcha fix.

  1. Sieve 1 tsp of matcha into a bowl

  2. Add a few splashes of room temp water (roughly 40ml)

  3. Whisk your matcha until smooth and frothy, for about as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday…you can purchase a matcha whisk here. 

  4. Pour into your mug or glass with ice

  5. Add Mylk (hot and foamy or cold and creamy) -  avoid dairy mainly as it stops all the good stuff getting to you. But also because it’s better for the environment and damn tasty. OAT is our top choice.

  6. Make peace with your work of art and enjoy hours of calm focused energy


  1. Add your mylk to your frother

  2. Sieve over your matcha

  3. Press the button (hot or cold)

  4. Watch the magic happen

  5. Serve, sip & enjoy hours of cool, calm and collected energy.

100% ceremonial grade matcha powder. That’s about 30 servings of calm-focused energy. NO crashes. NO jitters.

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